Areas of Practice

Child and Family Counseling

 Children have their own developmental and emotional milestones that make additional concerns even more overwhelming when they surface.  In addition, children respond differently than adults in a counseling situation because they communicate differently. Janice is educated and experienced in art, play and other creative therapies in order to make this communication more natural and more productive for your child. 

 Adolescence, the transitional stage of development between childhood and adulthood, represents the period of time during which a person experiences a variety of biological changes and encounters a number of emotional issues. Janice is adept at working together with teens and their families to reestablish harmony.  In an effort to adjust to the demanding schedules of young adults, Janice facilitates access to virtual counseling through telephone or online video counseling to both adolescents and adults.

 Family counseling is centered around creating positive relationships based on trust and mutual confidence. Raising children and adolescents in today's world is challenging. Whether the stress your family is encountering originates from the lack of communication, outside events, trauma or the many other issues that can occur, Janice can partner with you to regain balance or establish new and healthier patterns. Promoting parenting skills and understanding psychological issues in childhood and adolescence are foundations necessary to build a strong and healthy family unit. 

Special Education

 Janice provides counseling and support  for those raising children with disabilities or special considerations.  Families that include children with special needs often have medical, physical, emotional, educational or financial demands which can benefit from support to address coping skills, depression and guilt.  Developing an individualized education plan is often needed but can be overwhelming and intimidating for a parent, despite support from school personnel.  Janice is able to offer a parent emotional support during the IEP process as well as customized accomodations and interventions for their child.  Support can include participation and advocacy at case conferences, manifestation determination and due process hearings.

Family Wellness

 Janice partners with caregivers, seniors, and special needs clients to  preserve independence and dignity through ever-changing health and personal needs. This means being able to live life to the fullest, regardless of daily abilities or physical limitations. Janice is devoted to honoring an individual's self-determination in making choices and balancing the need for care and support. She is skilled at identifying both a client’s needs and ensuring the well-being of their entire support system. This includes looking after the parent's or caregiver’s needs to prevent burnout and preserve a healthy family system. She remains an active advocate for those with special needs, those in caregiver roles, and  those navigating the next stages in life.

Professional Presence

Janice has been a recurring guest on Indianapolis Fox 59 Morning News for her expertise in education issues and other matters pertaining to early childhood and a recurring guest on WIBC 93.1 for her expertise in special needs and autism, societal issues affecting children and domestic violence in the home.  Janice is called upon frequently as an expert in court for matters regarding abuse issues, child custody, parental supervision, education issues and other matters. She is an active advocate for seniors, those with special needs, their families, and caregivers.