Education Law

Catherine Michael specializes exclusively in the arena of education law.

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Speech and Language Pathology

Margo Courter provides pediatric speech and language pathology services.

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Autism Advocacy

The Autism Education and Training Center, lead by Sheila Wolfe, provides parent and advocate training and certification Programs, advocacy assistance, resources and guidance, and direct consultation with families.

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Alternative Schooling

Indiana Developmental Training Center provides an alternative schooling option for children with dually diagnosed emotional disturbances and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

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Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Lisa McGuire specializes in the neurological care of children.  Search for her by name using the link below.

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Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs

FUSE Inc. focuses on the abilities of children with special needs to empower them to achieve their full potential.  Funded by community support with no membership fees.

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