It is a common thread.

Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy and safe.  We raise them giving all we have of our time, energy and resources.  However, there are times when even the very best of parents need a helping hand along the journey.  Janice Sanders has devoted her entire career to providing this helping hand.

Jennifer, Mother of Three

"Janice's invaluable guidance communicates not only her professional expertise, but also her genuine care and compassion for my entire family's well-being.  She regularly exceeds my expectations with her complete understanding and heart-felt support that underscore the concrete solutions she advocates."

W.C., Father of Four

"I am so thankful for Janice!  She has helped my family so much and genuinely cares.  I feel as though she is part of our family..."

Greg, Father of Two

"Janice has helped our family through many difficult situations.  Her ability to focus in on the real issue is amazing.  She is the most compassionate person I have ever met."