Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Do you accept, file or process insurance?

A:    Services are provided on a "Fee for Services" basis.  Payment is expected at the time of service.  A receipt will be issued so a client may submit to their insurance for reimbursement should they desire.  Janice does not file, process or interact with insurance companies.


Q:    What are your hours?

A:    Hours are by appointment and can be during the day or evening.


Q:    Do you prescribe medications?

A:    No.


Q:    Where are the counseling sessions conducted?

A:    Please reference the Location and Hours page for directions.


Q:    What form of payment do you accept?

A:    Check payable to "Janice Sanders MSW, LCSW" or cash.


Q:    What is your mailing address?

A:    Please reference the Contact page.


Q:    Is this confidential?

A:    Almost all material discussed in any therapy session is fully confidential, meaning that Janice may not disclose personal information about the client to any party without the client's permission. However, there are some important limits to confidentiality of which clients should be aware. Currently, Indiana state law requires that mental health professionals contact appropriate authorities if there is suspected child abuse, elder abuse or dependent adult abuse, or if the client represents an imminent threat to himself, herself or others (e.g. the client directly indicates a real and immediate intention of committing suicide or homicide). Please note that some insurance companies require a release of confidential information in order to evaluate coverage. It is important to discuss the possible consequences of such releases with your therapist.


Q:    How do I begin the counseling process?

A:    Please follow the directions on the Contact page.  Janice's email is mobile, and she receives email regardless of her location.  She will call you as soon as possible upon its receipt.


Q:    Do I need to complete any paperwork?

A:    Upon receiving your email, Janice will call you.  If after speaking on the telephone it is determined a counseling session is appropriate, a package will be emailed so you may complete it in the comfort of your home.  It is important that this is completed and brought to the first counseling session.


Q:    Is Janice licensed?

A:    Janice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in good standing with the State of Indiana.


Q:    Do you accept referrals?

A:    Appropriate referrals are welcomed.


Q:    Do you perform marital counseling?

A:    No.  However, family counseling can on occasion coincide with marital issues which may be addressed during sessions.


Q:    Do you come to my home?

A:    Please reference the Location and Hours page for the location of counseling services.