Areas of Practice



Children have their own developmental and emotional milestones that make additional concerns even more overwhelming when they surface.  In addition, children respond differently than adults in a counseling situation because they communicate differently. Janice is educated and experienced in art, play and other creative therapies in order to make this communication more natural and more productive for your child.



Adolescence, the transitional stage of development between childhood and adulthood, represents the period of time during which a person experiences a variety of biological changes and encounters a number of emotional issues. Teenagers are also likely to be somewhat resistant to authority. Working together harmony can be reestablished.




Family counseling is centered around creating positive relationships based on trust and mutual confidence. Raising children and adolescents in today's world is challenging. Whether the stress your family is encountering originates from the lack of communication, outside events, abuse or the many other issues that can occur, Janice can partner with you to regain balance or establish new and healthier patterns. Promoting parenting skills and understanding psychological issues in childhood and adolescence are foundations necessary to build a strong and healthy family unit.